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Learn more about some of Square One DSM's former and current clients below, starting with the most recent.

 Power Pollen logo PowerPollen, LLC is transforming how plants cross-pollinate. Cross-pollination is the enabler for the production of hybrid crops, which are many-fold times more productive than non-hybrid crops. However, ensuring cross-pollination is very expensive and in many crops it is cost-prohibitive.  Three years of field testing in corn has resulted in an unprecedented scaled pollen handling and preservation technology that decreases the cost of producing hybrid seed and increases yield. Commercialization in corn will generate significant revenues in 2018.  PowerPollenSM technology will enable hybridity in crops like wheat, which is a key to ensuring future global food security and improving farmer profits.

Square One DSM Park Zapp Logo

Park Zapp™ is an application which creates efficient & effective playground inspection procedures, all at the tips of your fingers.

FarrPro logo

FarrPro is a local agtech startup that is developing the Haven: a smart, energy-efficient microclimate enclosure that reduces piglet mortality and morbidity. The Haven keeps the piglets' space warm and sanitary with a mix of infrared, visible and ultraviolet light similar to sunshine. It replaces incandescent lamps, which are inefficient, ineffective and can cause fires.

Square One DSM Terva Logo

Terva is a web-based marketplace for buying, selling and renting farmland. Essentially, it's Zillow for farmland. With just a couple of clicks, landowners can view every upcoming public farmland sale in Iowa, explore past transactions and post their own land for sale. Terva is on a mission to bring transparency to the agricultural industry by making the world's farmland information accessible, starting with rural Iowa.

 Square One DSM Time ReDesigned Logo

Time ReDesigned is an innovative ed tech start up, focused on helping school administrators understand how they are using their time and changing the way they prioritize their time to improve student outcomes. The native app and online dashboard work synchronously to deliver the resources and tools necessary to implement the 4 step Time ReDesigned process to: Track, Sort, Analyze, and Action Plan, based on the Time Audit data collected through the app. Development is underway for teacher and student versions in the education sector. A business community customized version is also under development.

Square One DSM StemBox Logo

StemBox is a monthly subscription box that empowers young girls (ages 7-12) to pursue their interests in STEM. Each month girls receive sophisticated science experiments, authentic lab ware, and fun science accessories. StemBox is changing the world one steminist at a time.

 Square One DSM Farmland Stewardship Logo

Farmland Stewardship Solutions (FSS) is a technology company that builds a living digital database for farmland properties. The proprietary platform is used for collecting on-farm data, storing and conducting a comprehensive analysis of the farmland. Company expertise in business, farm management and agronomy then consult with landowner on the results and create a long term plan that generates greater land value and yields, fair and longer term leases, sustainable practices, environmental risk reduction and proper land stewardship.

 Square One DSM AppLinkIO Logo

AppLink.io is a mobile app analytics tool that provides app statistics, metrics, tracking and monitoring capabilities. AppLink.io collects analytics data and easily connects it to customer relationship management systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

 Square One DSM Journity Logo

Journity is first personalization platform designed for nonprofits to connect one-to-one with their digital audience. Journity guides users on a step-by-step journey through your website based on their interests and behavior. We believe each individual is on a unique journey to unite with your cause.

 Square One DSM HomeDitty Logo

HomeDitty is a platform specifically designed to make hosting private concerts in your home easy and hassle free. Simply create a host profile, find and book a great musician, invite your friends, and even crowdfund the cost. You can also find and book musicians for any special or corporate event.

 Square One DSM Impakt Athletics logo

Impakt Athletics is a sports technology company that makes insight usable for coaches and athletes, initially focused on helping NFL and D1 football programs. Our patented digital coaching assistant empowers coaches to progress through their weekly game planning faster and more effectively, freeing more time to devote to their players and helping them win.

 Square One DSM MakuSafe Logo

MakuSafe™ sells a wearable IoT safety device coupled with an SaaS platform for use by labor workers worldwide. The device is designed to streamline and automate near-miss reporting and to gather a variety of environmental conditions around the wearer. The software platform allows users a deeper dive into environmental conditions that affect worker safety and to discover trends in the data to take a proactive approach to worker safety.

Square One DSM Bublins Logo


Bublins is an online service that helps customers identify their style and shop curated home decor collections designed to complete their home. These curated collections allow individuals to bring a fresh look to an existing space with items such as pillows, throws, rugs and accessories.

Square One DSM Healthy Jar Logo

Healthy Jar is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business founded in January 2016. The company's mission is to change the way Americans approach convenience food by providing accessible and affordable healthy meals. There is not a truly healthy fast food option in the market. Most Americans do not know how or have the time to prepare a healthy meal. Healthy Jar's healthy and delicious products come in convenient plastic jars for hungry people on the go.

Square One DSM Happy Boards Logo



Happy Boards offers a completely customizable way to share a message on a TV. Happy Boards is the place to welcome guests, share social media posts, display company pictures or video and provide information. Whether in a school or a restaurant, a corporate office to a factory, Happy Boards lets users decide what to show the world. Happy Boards is how a business shakes hands.

Square One DSM Volunteer Local Logo

VolunteerLocal is a volunteer scheduling and database platform that cuts out the “middle men” (Excel, poster boards and Sharpie markers, to name a few) by completely automating the volunteer signup process. The system empowers events of all types and sizes, all over the world. VolunteerLocal offers a free version and paid versions with additional features. Happy volunteering!

Square One DSM WebCare Health Logo

WebCareHealth, formerly known as 1Comm Medical, is a health and technology company devoted to providing physician and health care organizations turnkey solutions for at-home patient monitoring. WebCareHealth creates solutions for health care providers and their patients that make at-home monitoring both simple and efficient. WebCareHealth’s first product, CoagMgr, is an at-home PT/INR monitoring system offering a streamlined, systematic approach to provider-driven patient care management of INR testing.

Square One DSM Accelerated Ag Technologies Logo

Accelerated Ag Technologies, LLC brings innovative, next-generation solutions to large problems in agriculture. Bringing decades of experience, a team of agricultural industry experts recently formed a venture to impact the overall reliability of agricultural production. Accelerated Ag Technologies has developed several proprietary, patent-pending methods to improve the way the seed industry produces and delivers high-yielding products to its customers.

Square One DSM Rational Surgical Solutions Logo

Rational Surgical Solutions (RSS) is revolutionizing health care by introducing process technology solutions that facilitate a mobile workspace, educate and engage patients so they can make informed decisions about their health care options and improve patient care. The company’s flagship products include Rati-FiTM, a tablet-based system that increases patient comprehension and improves the efficiency of informed consent, and Clinical Guidelines Master, a library of treatment guidelines for specific diseases. RSS was founded by Dr. Jonathan Fialkov, MD, in 2014. Dr. Fialkov has more than 15 years of experience as a urologist and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).

Square One DSM WorkHound Logo

WorkHound is an employee engagement mobile platform focusing on the trucking industry. WorkHound creates a three-step feedback loop for drivers of trucking companies to identify issues and areas of improvement, while providing companies tools to address the high turnover rates challenging the trucking industry.

Square One DSM BirdDogHR Logo

BirdDogHR offers integrated talent management software and managed services — everything needed to guide the entire employee life cycle. The cloud-based system includes recruiting and applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, learning management and succession planning modules. It is easy to use and designed for companies with rigorous compliance requirements.

Square One DSM Adore Your Walls Logo

Adore Your Walls is an online art advisory service. No matter where a home or office is, Adore Your Walls provides custom art consultation online. The easy process allows users to get advice, explore tailored options and even see how the work will look before it’s shipped and delivered

Square One DSM ClinicNote Logo

ClinicNote is an electronic medical record for speech-language pathologists. This software gives therapists the ability to schedule client appointments, perform initial evaluations, take daily notes and automatically generate progress reports for insurance companies. As a HIPAA-compliant web application, SLPs can securely access their patient notes, files and information from anywhere.

Square One DSM Lil Sidekick Logo

Lil’ Sidekick by You and Yours is an effective solution for parents who are tired of playing the “drop and pick up” game! Lil’ Sidekick is the first and only toy saver that will save any item from a small crayon to a large stuffed animal from germy floors and always within a little one’s reach! It quickly attaches to strollers, car seats, high chairs, baby carriers and more. It is the only toy saver made of an FDA-approved material that is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and loved as a teether. Lil’ Sidekick is also 100 percent created and manufactured in Iowa. Lil’ Sidekick is the first product to launch in a line of products that supports a local mom’s mission of creating safe, high-quality and effective products that make parents’ lives easier!

Square One DSM UpCraft Club logo

UpCraft Club is the first modern sewing and crafting association and is fundamentally changing the way sewing patterns are found and sold. The first in the industry to publish a set of quality standards for sewing patterns, UpCraftClub.com is a new type of curated e-commerce shop offering high-quality digital patterns and a unique method for brick and mortar stores to facilitate a digital sale.

Square One DSM WINPRO Logo

WINPRO Performance Products LLC offers highly functional pet treats to performance dog owners wishing to enhance and extend their pet’s quality of life through the prevention and mitigation of inflammation caused by stress, training and competition.

Square One DSM AgriSync Logo

AgriSync is the first customer service platform built from the ground up for the agriculture industry. AgriSync’s mission is to simplify support and communication between farmers and their local advisors. AgriSync’s mobile engagement allows growers to reduce downtime and maximize the return on their tech investments. AgriSync trusted advisors can scale their expertise to help more growers, more often, for less costs.

Square One DSM Certintell Logo

Certintell’sUcare platform connects people in underserved areas with mental health providers for online counseling and telepsychiatry. Mental health providers such as psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors receive a practice management suite to build online profiles, send secure messages, schedule appointments and deliver HIPAA-compliant online care.

Square One DSM ScoutPro Logo

ScoutPro brings the latest in accurate, efficient, identification of weeds, insects, diseases and disorders. Use ScoutPro’s drill down identification, or quickly sort favorites and searches within its applications for corn, soybeans and wheat. Paths are recorded through a field via GPS pins while adding stand counts, performing yield checks and even recording irrigation activities. ScoutPro’s applications collect the data, and customers manage the data through the ScoutPro web service for a complete scouting program. Flexible for every type of scout and every scouting program, the software is designed to provide users and their clients consistent, field-specific scouting data.

Square One DSM BlendCard Logo

BlendCard is a small business marketing platform that allows customers to carry loyalty punchcards, gift cards and coupons to a number of local businesses on a single card. BlendCard maximizes value for customers and businesses alike by minimizing the barriers to entry found in traditional loyalty and gift card solutions.

Square One DSM Igor Logo

Igor Technologies software platform enables manufacturers to easily produce Power-over-Ethernet lighting, sensors and switches. An Igor Network-Attached-Lighting® system delivers significant energy savings, maintenance savings, effortless configuration, reporting, granular control and expandability.

Square One DSM Mens Style Lab Logo

Men’s Style Lab is a concierge clothing service that provides effortless style for everyday guys.  After connecting customers with a personal stylist, Men’s Style Lab sends customized wardrobe selections based on users’ lifestyle and personal preferences. Customers only pay for the items they keep, sending back unwanted items. Shipping is free both ways.

Square One DSM ClusterFlunk Logo

ClusterFlunk is simply an online platform that allows university students to talk to the students who are specifically in their classes and at their university. By interacting, they can ask questions, share files and browse previous semesters’ documents.

Square One DSM Rocket Referrals Logo

Rocket Referrals runs on autopilot to increase business through generating referrals. Its proprietary Smart Referral Algorithm will find a business’ customers and contacts most willing to recommend, and then automatically sends them personalized handwritten communications, encouraging them to give referrals.

Square One DSM iEmergent Logo

iEmergent is an Iowa-based forecasting firm that provides mortgage market forecasts and advisory services to the banking and real estate industries. Its unique business development solutions bring superior market intelligence to the fingertips of professionals from executives to market managers within banks and lenders of all sizes.

Square One DSM Radiology Protocols Logo

Radiology Protocols assists medical imaging facilities and radiologists organize, document and tailor the imaging process to address their patients’ unique imaging needs. Utilizing the world’s first Protocol Management System, subscribers can create customized instructional databases that align with local preferences, technologic capability and medical requirement.

Square One DSM Creative Werks Logo

Creative Werks specializes in the electromechanical integration of RF devices in automotive, off-highway, agricultural and power sports vehicles. It also provides prototype development and manufacturing opportunities for those and many other markets.

Square One DSM Locusic Logo

Locusic is a local music streaming service that helps local bands and music fans find each other. Users pick a genre and music starts to play from the local scene — wherever one happens to be at the time. Locusic offers a platform for local businesses to advertise to local consumers.

Square One DSM ReWall Logo

ReWall is a superior construction solution comprised of 100 percent recycled materials. ReWall provides an affordable, versatile green building material that recycles beverage cartons and cups in its manufacturing process.


Square One DSM Agren Logo

Agren, Inc., a Carroll, Iowa-based consulting firm, provides innovative, client-focused solutions to agricultural and natural resource challenges. Agren’s new Toolshed software offers conservation planners an internet-based service to lay out conservation practices with increased ease, speed and accuracy.

Square One DSM Dwolla Logo

Dwolla is a peer to peer payment platform that allows users to safely exchange money. Dwolla’s unique payment networks cost less than a stamp to transmit money electronically and has no merchant or set-up fees of any kind.

Square One DSM Far Reach Technologies Logo

Far Reach Technologies is a small, but growing, group of talented developers passionate about helping people, organizations and businesses accomplish things more easily through the use of technology. The company does custom software development, IT consulting and web design and development for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Square One DSM Energy Control Technologies Logo

Energy Control Technologies, Inc. is a West Des Moines, Iowa, startup that provides control system solutions for energy-efficient operation of machinery in manufacturing process.

Square One DSM The Plastic Professionals Logo

The Plastic Professionals welcomes the opportunity to present customers with its wide range of in-house capabilities, including product design, patterns, tooling and rotational molding. The company successfully handles demanding plastic projects that other molders are unable to accept, ensuring success. 

Square One DSM Statistics and Control Logo

Statistics & Control, Inc. provides the technology solutions for businesses to become more competitive and profitable. Its products, integration expertise and tools deliver the benefits of open systems to end users.

Square One DSM Outcomes Pharmaceutical Healthcare Logo

Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care is the national leader in the design, delivery and administration of Medication Therapy Management programs. The company’s service line benefits health care purchasers by delivering a cost-effective approach to advancing patient care and controlling utilization through the provision of patient-friendly, face-to-face personal pharmacist services.

Square One DSM Innovative Lighting Logo 

Innovative Lighting, Inc. manufactures energy efficient LED lighting products. The company combines the latest technology in the LED field with optical designs to spread the light evenly over the area intended to be illuminated. Its customers are in a variety of markets, such as retail display cases, exterior home lighting, marine, RV and trailer. Recent enhancements in LED intensities have allowed for the creation of a series of fluorescent replacement light fixtures by Innovative Lighting, manufactured here in Iowa.

Square One DSM Poulos Bros LLC Logo

Poulos Bros., L.L.C.  is a company that markets a line of throttles for the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) marketplace. Switch Fly Throttles are high-performance dual throttles primarily targeted at ATVs, but are also usable in watercraft and snowmobiles. Company engineers designed a unique patented throttle that will meet the needs of all types of riders by encompassing a locking mechanism to allow the rider to switch between thumb and twist acceleration while in motion.

Square One DSM Fastpath Logo

Fastpath is a software development company that creates out-of-the-box software solutions that solve real business problems in security and audit compliance. The company has deep business knowledge in this area and certified internal auditors on staff that help create enterprise class business solutions for the dynamics community.