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Building an Effective Sales Process During a Crisis

Fastpath Process Maps

On Tuesday, April 27, Fastpath CEO Andy Snook presented to a group of roughly 50 business professionals via a Zoom conference call. Andy discussed the importance of understanding your sales methodology before building the framework and your sales team. He discussed why process maps are an important tool to assist in setting rolls, steps and systems to lead to a desired outcome. They also serve to standardize your process, increase productivity and identify risks. It’s a great way to avoid confusion for the sales person and more importantly your customer.

Developing Process Maps

Andy further discussed the steps in developing process maps. It’s important to assemble the entire team (not just sales people) and agree on a set of items, including which process to map, purpose of the process, beginning/ending and the level of detail. It’s important to have a facilitator and a scribe ideally from outside of your organization.

Process mapping can serve as an effective tool to evaluate your sales staff and the sales process. Additionally, it’s a great tool to understand (and improve) the buyer’s path through your purchasing process.

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