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WinPro Moves Beyond the Concept Stage

A dog-lover parlayed his love of animals into creating blood proteins that alleviate inflammation in active and athletic dogs. In the above video, Greater Des Moines (DSM)-based WinPro founder Bill Bernardo discusses pinpointing his target market to create products that would sell.

Core Products

WinPro offers five types of blood protein supplements for dogs, including mobility, focus, allergy, immunity and training.

  • MOBILITY for Joint Health — The Mobility blend of blood proteins supports joint function and flexibility during increased activity. This is the bestselling WinPro product.
  • FOCUS for Calming — The Focus blood proteins help reduce anxiety and improve mental alertness/responsiveness in dogs.
  • ALLERGY for Healthy Skin and Coat — Allergy blood proteins assist with issues related to allergies from itching and scratching to runny eyes.
  • IMMUNITY for Gut Health — Gut blood proteins help dogs maintain normal gut function and boosts dog’s immunity.
  • TRAINING for Conditioning and Recovery — Training blood proteins help support physical endurance and assists in preventing injury in competition and play.

Blood Proteins

The blood used is from horses and processed at USDA-processing plants. Through a hygienic process, the blood is centrifuged to remove water and then fractionated into different components, blended with other key ingredients and made into soft chews.


It’s easy to get a mentality of “I can do everything myself.” Bill talks about how he started reaching out to people to assist in growing the company.

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