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Leading in Times of Challenge with Ambassador Terry Branstad

Ambassador Terry Branstad Headshot

Ambassador Terry Branstad, the former Governor of Iowa, has overcome his share of obstacles in the political arena. As the current U.S. Ambassador to China, Ambassador Branstad currently lives in Beijing, China.

Ambassador Branstad's Leadership Tips

Ambassador Branstad touches on his first term as governor from 1983-1986, which coincided with Iowa’s farm crisis. Land values dropped. Banks and small businesses were closing across the state. The Ambassador explains how they set up a rural concern hotline, offered farmer lender mediation services and had a partial foreclosure moratorium, among other initiatives. Ambassador Branstad says that Iowa came out of the farm crisis stronger and more diversified.

In order to keep morale up during that time, Ambassador Branstad says he focused on reassuring people and delivering on what he promised. He says Iowans are caring people, willing to volunteer and help rebuild and that the worst of times can sometimes bring out the best in people.  

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Leading in Times of Challenge

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