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Next Generation of AI Advertising + Big Data Made Simple

Top Five Customer Journey

March 26, 2021

Today, the sophisticated customer and prospect have the world’s information available to them via the Internet. They can shop, research and buy all from the comfort of their office.

Your customer or prospect sees more than 2,800 messages every day. How do you cut through the noise to position yourself for the highest probability for success?

Understanding the Customer Journey

As a businessperson, you do not need to know all the algorithms and complexity of Big Data.

However, you need to know what is available to you and how can it help grow your business. You need to understand the customer journey!

Finding prospects that are in-market is key to a successful strategy. People hate to be sold, but love to buy!

There are four components to a successful direct response campaign:

  • 40% Data
  • 40% Offer
  • 15% Frequency of the Message
  • 5% Creative

Here are just a few statistics of how people buy today:

  • 95% of people who have a need search the internet.
  • We search 5-12 companies to get educated.
  • 60% of people are searching to buy.
  • 70-80% of people ignore paid search.

Our presentation will cover the accumulation of the data and executing the offer, including the following five ways of understanding the customer journey:

1. AI Predictive Advertising

The solution learns from your CRM and/or online shoppers before finding lookalike customers using programmatic display advertising.

2. In-Market Keyword and Competitor Listening

This solution identifies people searching for your targeting keywords and competitor websites. It then begins emailing them within 10 minutes of their search.

3. Big Data Advertising

This solution identifies your customers with up to 400 demographics segments. This allows you to identify lookalikes which you can mail, email or digitally advertise to in order to acquire new customers

4. Converting Competitor Customers to Your Customers

You haven’t been able to buy a list of customers shopping at your competitor’s stores until now. This solution can identify the device in the location and match it back to their device home address. With the home address, we can profile this prospective customer to see if they are worthy of further acquisition marketing with an offer to try your company.

5. Low Hanging Fruit

By identifying the anonymous website visitors by name and whether they are a qualified buyer, we can further market to them for conversion. Since 90% are anonymous and in market to buy, it only makes sense to know whom they are in order to reach out to them. Multiple case studies have proven the 4x ROI.

For more information on the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Top Five series, visit the Business Resources page. While there, be sure to register for the next Top Five series.

Mike Larkin

Mike Larkin works within domestic and international business development for American Solutions for Business. In his role, he helps clients with marketing programs that grow business efficiently and effectively.