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Development, Implementation + Measurement of DEI Strategy

DEI Basics

September 3, 2021

In the third session of the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Beginning Your Inclusion Journey series, Sanjita Pradhan, director of diversity and inclusion at The Partnership, spoke about building a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, outlining different steps in the process, including:

  • Step 1: Leadership Commitment
  • Step 2: Finding the Business Case
  • Step 3: Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Step 4: Designing Your DEI Strategy

Leadership Commitment

Pradhan shared about the importance of finding your ‘why’ and communicating with your employees, leaders and stakeholders. She gave 10 tips for leaders that included staying involved, supporting employees through DEI resources and initiatives and building authentic relationships with those who are different from you.

Finding the Business Case

Pradhan advised businesses to think about and ensure that they are serving all populations or communities. Think about how you can build relationships and change language to increase connection and whether there are untapped markets that you should be reaching out to or selling to. Whose money are you leaving on the table?

Assessment + Diagnosis

Leadership must assess who is missing from being represented within their organizations. By collecting information through listening sessions, focus groups and more, you’ll find out what employees are feeling so they can contribute to their full potential, increasing innovation and productivity.

Designing Your DEI Strategy

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can build a DEI committee and/or hire a consultant to build out your strategy with your committee. This should include creating a diversity statement to formalize your intention and make your organization accountable to internal and external stakeholders with whom you share the statement.

Pradhan also discussed workplace and marketplace strategies, as well as community.

Watch the first Beginning Your DEI Journey sessions here and here. Don’t miss the Inclusion Summit coming up on Wednesday, November 10. Other upcoming inclusion events will be held Tuesday, Oct. 12 (Building a Disability Inclusive Workplace) and Wednesday, Oct. 13. (Experiential Learning, Disability Inclusion).

Watch the entire webinar below:


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