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DSM Local


DSM Local is an initiative to drive more investment to local small businesses in Greater Des Moines (DSM). The campaign aims to showcase the crucial role small businesses play in DSM and inform the public about the benefits and opportunities of doing business locally — all to help small businesses thrive.

#DSMlocal Challenge

We know you love supporting local businesses, so take the #DSMlocal Challenge.

The Partnership invites the community to take the #DSMlocal Challenge every single day to support local small businesses. Supporting small businesses year-round is vital, so we challenge you to intentionally seek out small businesses for anything you might need and encourage others to do the same, especially during the holiday season and as businesses close out their year. Maybe even go beyond your usual shopping lists! A new book? Home improvement projects or decor? Outdoor games or activities? Find it locally! If you need an extra challenge, seek out the local products and ingredients at locally-owned restaurants and grocery stores.

The #DSMlocal Challenge encourages DSM residents to also support small businesses providing business-to-business services such as professional development, consulting, printing, marketing, accounting, IT solutions and more.

How to Participate:

If you support a small business, let us know! Do the following on your social media channels:

  • Post a photo to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to show how you support local small business and tag three friends to do the same.
  • Use “I support (name of business)” and the hashtag #DSMlocal in your caption. You can also tag your favorite businesses to share how you spent your money locally, things you learned along the way or a new favorite local shop.

10 Ways to Support Local Now:

  • Tickets – Purchase a membership, season passes or tickets to cultural attractions, or even a virtual training seminar or event
  • Retail Therapy – Shop local for clothing, jewelry, shoes
  • Donate – Pay it forward! Consider donating to food banks, hospitals, nonprofits, blood banks, etc.
  • Food and Drink – Order local food, drink or dessert
  • Home Goods – Shop for art, furniture, gardening or flowers
  • Stay and Play – Plan a staycation to a local hotel
  • Entertainment – Book your spot at a concert or purchase records, movies or board games
  • Get Pampered – Schedule an appointment for a haircut, massage, spa visit, mani/pedi
  • Cleaners – Get your clothes dry cleaned, hire cleaning services for your carpet or home, etc.
  • Get Creative and Support Local – Think outside the box! Remember to keep in mind B2B services, too!

Buying Guides

#DSMlocal Buying Guides

Our neighborhoods are each vibrant and unique due to the local flavor our small businesses add to the Greater Des Moines (DSM) community. Let's share the love with our small businesses! The money you spend here is more likely to stay here — and that's something worth buying into.

Find a list of where to shop, where to eat and more using any of the #DSMlocal Guides.

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Need Help Finding Local?

If you need help finding a product, here are a few sites we recommend:

DSM Local Toolkit

Here are a few additional resources to support DSM Local:

Social Media  |  Downloadables  |   Zoom Backgrounds 

Social Media Post Templates

Available in both PDF and JPG.

PDF: Download the PDF version of the graphic you wish to use and open it in Adobe Acrobat. Change the text in the answer box to your answer. Delete the gray logo placement and add your business's logo in its place. Save the document and then save as a JPG or PNG for sharing on social media.

JPG: Download the JPG file of the graphic you wish to use and open it in Photoshop or another photo editing software. Add a text box beneath the "Why support local" headline, and add your answer. Then place your business logo in the lower left corner, and save your completed graphic.

Then share your image on social media and tag @DSMpartnership and use #DSMlocal in the caption.


Download the graphic to share on your social media accounts or print out posters to hang in store windows!

Zoom Backgrounds

Show your support for local in your meetings with a DSM Local background!

#DSMlocal in DSM USA

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