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Improve Your HR IQ

Improve Your HR IQ

July 5, 2019

Every day organizations work within a variety of rules, regulations and requirements needed to run their business effectively; all while trying to retain and engage employees. It is not easy to keep up with these potentially impactful requirements in an ever-changing work environment, especially for small businesses that are trying to juggle it all. To assist, we’ve compiled top five HR challenges and ideas on how to avoid those pitfalls and navigate those challenges successfully. 

Top Five HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. The Law Doesn’t Apply to Me

This is a common misunderstanding from businesses, that they are too small to be covered under various employment laws. When in contrary most employment regulations cover businesses that have one or more employees at their organization. 

2. Not Classifying Employees Correctly

It is important to know whether an employee can be classified as an exempt or non-exempt employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This also includes understanding of the difference between who can be deemed an employee vs. an independent contractor.  

3. Outdated Sexual Harassment Prevention

In light of #metoo there has been a shift in thinking of how we create a culture that prevents harassment in all forms and allows individuals to feel comfortable to report claims of harassment. HR’s standard training and prevention techniques that we provided for years, may not be enough. It is time to reinvent how we prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace.  

4. Not Documenting Critical Performance Conversations

When an employee starts to show signs of not meeting expectations of the position they hold, it is incumbent upon us as leaders to help guide and coach them along the way. This also includes documenting what our expectations are and what the ramifications are, if those expectations are not met.  

5. Outdated Engagement Strategies

With unemployment at an all time low, organizations, particularly small businesses have to shift their thinking in how they retain top talent.We should focus our attention on the “employee experience” in similar ways we have focused on the “client experience.” 

Move Your Business Forward

Organizations have no easy task to run their business, hopefully with some of these tips your organization can prevent headaches and reduce expenses and keep your teams engaged and focused on moving the business forward. 

For more information on the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Top Five series, visit the Business Resources page. While there, be sure to register for the next Top Five series.

Anne Barry

Anne Barry, SHRM-SCP, is a senior manager at Oasis, a Paychex Company, overseeing the organization's HR operations. Anne possesses more than 15 years of HR and leadership experience, currently leading a team of HR professionals who work with organizations to align their HR strategy with organizational objectives. She is focused on creating innovative ways to engage employees and help organizations establish a culture that leads to high performance and success. She earned her master's degree in Public Administration from Drake University.