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Iowa Event Producer Launches Second Startup in DSM

Amy Nebons Headshot

March 12, 2021


As owner of Blink Events and BOCS DSM, Amy Nebons is known as an event producer in Iowa. Blink Events is a full-service event planning company, while BOCS DSM connects organizations with their audience through custom gift boxes.

Moving to Iowa + Starting Blink Events

Nebons has a background in theater production and interior design. After moving from the east coast to Greater Des Moines (DSM), she worked as a commercial interior designer for Pigott, Inc. for a short time before deciding to branch out on her own to do something new. She created Blink Events in June of 2014 after feeling the urge to dive into entrepreneurship. At the time, she was newly pregnant, but decided to pursue her business anyway, telling herself that since other things in her life were shifting, why not shake it up even more? 

Nebons shares how as an entrepreneur, criticism comes with putting yourself out there, and you have to tune out the negativity. She talks about dealing with imposter syndrome and using her theatrical background to combat those feelings. As an actor you’re trained to tune out distractions, play the part and get through it.

Launching BOCS DSM in 2020

In September 2020, she dove into entrepreneurship yet again with BOCS DSMAs live events were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nebons wondered whether she should pivot to virtual events. At first, she wasn’t sure her heart was in it, but one day she floated the idea past her closest critics. With their positive feedback, she launched BOCS DSM as a way to create human connection through corporate and social event boxes delivered to the homes of virtual attendees.

Sourcing Local Product

Nebons created boxes that would help other local businesses almost by accident. As she looked for box contents, she began receiving emails from a variety of interested vendors. With many suffering due to the pandemic, it only made sense to work with local businesses, and because she was getting orders for hundreds of boxes, she was able to give companies hundreds of sales over the holiday season, allowing her to give back to the community that gave so much to her as a small business owner. 

Seeking Out New Ways to Learn + Finding Success

For Nebons, people are her best resource. She pursues smart people who can mentor her and fill a specific void. She says it’s so helpful to hear from someone who has been there before and who can offer up action items along the way. Nebons also attributes her support system to her success. She says finding the right group of people to challenge her fuels her to continue to push forward.

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