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The Greater Des Moines Partnership keeps business, civic and community leaders, area residents and audiences across the globe updated with electronic newsletters and publications packed with news about the Greater Des Moines (DSM) region, Partnership initiatives and upcoming events.

Partnership Newsletters

OneVoice Weekly

Learn about the latest Partnership news and events as well as buzzworthy highlights from the region in OneVoice Weekly, The Partnership's flagship newsletter.

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Downtown DSM USA

This weekly newsletter deployed by The Partnership showcases the vibrancy of Downtown DSM, including news, events and development projects.

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Government Policy Council

Learn how The Partnership is driving policy with one regional voice. The Partnership's Government Policy Council (GPC) update is a weekly e-newsletter that includes news and information about the GPC's activities as well as The Partnership's local, state and federal advocacy and policy agenda updates.

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Small Business Resources

Learn more about small business and startup resources available through The Partnership, as well as events and news to help grow your business.

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Young Professionals Connection

Learn about the latest news, events and connection opportunities through the Greater Des Moines Young Professionals Connection.

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Capital Crossroads

Learn about the latest news and action items within Capital Crossroads.

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