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Top Things to Know When Leasing Commercial Real Estate in DSM

With the right questions and the right team, small businesses can find the right location and success. Greater Des Moines (DSM) experts Brandon Folds, CEO and Principal of Shyft Collective, Daniel Hurd, VP of Hurd Real Estate Services, Dan Corron, of Denny Elwell Company, Justin Lossner, Executive VP and Co-Market Leader of JLL Iowa offer advice on things to know when leasing space.

Should Our Company Lease, Purchase Existing Real Estate or Build New?

The decision to lease or buy commercial real estate will usually depend on the amount of cash flow your business has, and this may change as the business grows in its first years. Facility maintenance may also play into whether to rent or buy.

We Need to Move, Where Do We Start?

The first thing a landlord will ask is “Do you have a business plan?” If you can afford the space, a landlord will want to know your business plan.

How Do We Differentiate Our Space from Competitors?

Location is the most important thing within real estate to differentiate from competitors. Historical preservation sites, such as those in the Historic East Village add character to a retail or office space.

How Do We Provide the Best Work Environment for the Team?

Consider the right use type for your business. With collaborative spaces popping up, many different spaces can fit your business. Look into zoning restrictions. A real estate team can help you navigate to the best location for your business.

Who Can We Trust for our Different Real Estate Needs?

Your team is going to be more than just real estate. It will be your attorney, your CPA, architect and even possibly an engineer.

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