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The Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt

From Hobby to Successful Startup

Hatchlings, now expanding into augmented reality, has continued to find success since its launch in 2008 in Greater Des Moines (DSM). Founder Brad Dwyer talks in-depth about the company’s success.

Long-Term Plans

After a meeting to discuss the long-term marketing and execution plan of the company, Brad took a trip over the holidays. He talks about returning from a trip to find his team working towards the goals they had set, helping with the growth and success of the company. Now that’s employee commitment and engagement!

Company Growth

Expanding the company meant finding reliable staff to help Hatchlings reach its goals. Employees should be highly motivated people who are excited about the startup. In the gaming industry, many companies pumped games out quickly, but Hatchlings is more interested in sustaining growth with the two games they have created.

In the early days, Hatchlings built their game around the Facebook box that apps could drop content into. Users would see Easter eggs hidden within these boxes. People would go into the game and, by adding the app to their profile, their friends would see that and add the app too. Hatchlings strength has been incentivizing people to want their friends to play the game, too. As the Facebook platform changed, the game had to change, too, but taking advantage of viral loops during their first months is an essential way of growing their company and getting customers.

Future Opportunities

Brad mentions how the global tourism industry will grow and who will profit from that? Continuing to look at new markets and what problems can be solved may present future startup opportunities for him in the future.