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Adore Your Walls’ Startup Journey

Liz Lidgett began her startup in Greater Des Moines (DSM) to help connect people to budget- and space-friendly art. After Liz hired her startup-savvy sister, Adore Your Walls was able to add services on a national level.

From Online Art Advisory to Tech Expansion

Adore Your Walls started as an online art advisory business before branding out to a national online consulting service. The startup employs several contract employees, including art stylists and business development, to help Adore Your Walls as they grow.

Tools for Gaining Cash Flow

Adoreyourwalls.com was fully funded through Kickstarter.com. It was a good way to figure out if the company had traction. Also through a pitch contest, Adore Your Walls won $10,000 and gained mentorship.

Be Ready to Talk About Your Business

Tell people about your startup idea. From there, you can gain feedback and find out about others who might be able to help. Also, don’t be afraid to ask when you’re going after clients. Liz touches on content gaps and preparing pitches specific to your client.

Lessons Learned

When you hire more employees, that changes the culture. You need to spend time on the culture and the employees as the business grows. Figure out what your startup is and the top things you want to focus on. You should know what you are not, as well as what you are, and when to say no to things.

What’s Next for Adore Your Walls

Time spent builds credibility so the startup can work with more national brands. Adore Your Walls hopes to help curate artwork that big brands sell within the retail market, as well as position itself as the art expert.