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Musicians Benefit from Startup Home Ditty’s Mission

HomeDitty is an online meeting place based in Greater Des Moines (DSM) that connects musicians with people who want to host live music in their homes. Home Ditty founder Katie Byers explains how she became aware of house concerts, as well as the steps she took to get Home Ditty off the ground and become a successful female business owner.

Benefits of a House Concert

A house concert benefits both the artist, the host and community. Unknown bands enjoy performing in house concerts when they’re on the road touring when they have open nights going from one show to the next. It’s a way to gain new fans in new markets at a grassroots type level and make some money. There are no limitations to the type of place you hold a concert, but every host should keep the event private.

Opportunity for Storytelling in Intimate Settings

Artists like seeing people from different parts of the country in their own environment, while hosts enjoy learning about the music and see it up close.

Less distraction for the Artist

It’s an opportunity to play in front of someone and connect with people in such a personal.

A Personal Connection

HomeDitty house concerts allow hosts and fans to hear about where the artists are hoping to go and how they want to get there.

Profit to Musicians

Katie speaks about how the business of house concerts is like a direct sales model. Musicians make a profit from the show itself, as well as selling merchandise during the intermission.

Rating System

Each host develops a history on their profile.  If you’re an artist looking for a place to host, you can reach out to past artists who have played at that host’s residence previously and can communicate about back and forth. Post-show surveys are sent to both artists and hosts as well.

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