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Raising Capital Seminar Series

Your great idea is coming to life. You own a startup company. You're on the verge of big things. But there's one problem: you need money in order to take your business to the next level — you need to raise capital. If this is you, you've come to the right place.

There isn't just one right path to raising funds; it's a challenge with many ways through it. Know your options. From capitalization tables to equity compensation and managing the investment close, learn more about the seminar and other resources to help you build your startup to be successful. Past attendees of this seminar have raised over $45 million in capital. 

Topics covered in the 2023 Seminar included: 

  • The Process of Raising Capital, presented by Kaylee Williams from InnoVenture Iowa 
  • The Financial Model 
  • The Capitalization Table, presented by JD Geneser from UHY Advisors 
  • The Pitch, presented by local entrepreneurs 
  • The Term Sheet, presented by Chris Sackett from BrownWinick Law Firm  

Investor Network

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For more information about the Raising Capital Seminar Series, contact Diana Wright, Startup Community Builder at the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

Resources from Past Raising Capital Seminar Series

The Process of Raising Capital 

  • What Do You Need? Momentum, Materials and Meetings
  • Why Does It Take 6 to 9 Months?
  • What Makes A Company "Fundable"?
  • Where Do I Find Investors?

Recent Seminar Video and Handout

The Financial Model 

  • What Financial Documents Do You Need to Raise Capital?
  • What Are Investors Looking For?
  • What Are The Steps To Building A Financial Model?
  • Is There A Template? (YES)

Recent Seminar Video and Handout

The Capitalization Table 

  • What Is A Capitalization Table (Cap Table) And Why Do I Need It?
  • How Does The Cap Table Change As I Raise Money?
  • Why Does Everyone Talk About Dilution?

Recent Seminar Video and Handout

The Pitch 

  • If The Idea and Execution Are Lacking, No Pitch Will Get you Investors
  • What Are The Key Subject To Cover In My Pitch?
  • Why Do I Only Get 10 Minutes?
  • What Are The Investors Going To Ask Me And How Do I Answer?

Recent Seminar Video and Handout

The Term Sheet 

  • What Is A Term Sheet?
  • Can Someone Please Explain All This Terminology?
  • Bad Term Sheets Can Cost You Your Company
  • How Do I Navigate The Process Of Negotiating A Term Sheet?

Recent Seminar Video and Handout

Raising Capital Seminar Presentations

View presentations and resources from past Raising Capital Seminars:

The Fundraising Journey

The Pitch


The Proforma


The Cap Table


The Term Sheet



For more information about the Raising Capital Seminar, contact Diana Wright, Startup Community Builder at the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

This year, there will be a bonus option for entrepreneurs and businesses to receive a free one hour SWOT analysis of their business. The analyses will be done on a first come, first served basis. Once registered for the Raising Capital Seminar, participants will be sent more information on the analyses closer to the event.

The Raising Capital Series is produced by the Greater Des Moines Partnership in collaboration with InnoVenture, BrownWinick Law Firm and UHY Advisors.  

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