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TelePharm Changes Pharmacy Landscape for Rural Areas

Enabling a pharmacist to do his job remotely, Greater Des Moines (DSM)-based TelePharm verifies prescriptions and counsels patients through video conferencing. They are able to work 24/7 or fill in for an in-patient location. Founder Roby Miller discusses Telepharm’s road to success.

Prescription Distribution

Roby discusses the future of pharmacy being in each health clinic having a mini pharmacy within that location. He says 30 percent of the time, people don’t even fill their prescription. Having the pharmacy there to distribute medication on-site after receiving the prescription would make things much easier.

Remote Verification

Remote verification is a gamechanger for pharmacies, allowing for around-the-clock coverage. A single pharmacist can verify from multiple remote telepharmacies, sharing payroll and increasing revenue.

A Future in Telecounseling

A remote counseling product allows every patient to be counseled by a pharmacist through live-video counseling via secure video chat calls.