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Privacy Compliance + the CARES Act Updates for Businesses

Cybersecurity and Privacy Compliance

April 28, 2020

Essential businesses that have employees reporting to work need to implement guidelines to make sure employees are kept safe. Davis Brown Law Firm has outlined ways in which businesses can do this in light of the recent CARES Act (S. 3548).

Privacy Compliance

Health screenings (temperature and other COVID-19 symptoms) are recommended for everyone entering your workplace — the EEOC has updated its guidance allowing for this practice. But even in a pandemic, businesses — regardless of industry — need to carefully consider where the results will be stored and fully train the screener(s) to ensure that no questions are asked that would violate the ADA/ADAA.

Privacy Compliance — Yes, Even in Pandemic | 4/13/20

Data Privacy + Cybersecurity

Videoconferencing has become a common form of communication for businesses as employees have moved to work from home. This increased use of technology has exposed a corresponding increase in the exploitation of the technology’s security vulnerabilities, putting private information at risk. Businesses can take steps to protect data.

Zoombombing, Location Tracking, and Contact Tracing, Oh My! Data Privacy & Cybersecurity During the COVID-19 Pandemic | 4/17/20

More on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

The CARES Act allows short term-changes to retirement plans, including eliminating required minimum distributions and increased allowances for withdrawals and loans. The Act also provides incentives for individuals and corporations to donate to charitable organizations.

Nonprofits Benefit from Relaxed Charitable Deduction Limitations | 4/16/20

Private Foundations May Grant Disaster Relief to Individuals | 4/17/20

The Show Must Go On — Alternative Methods for Taking Corporate Action | 4/17/20

Changes for Retirement Accounts | 4/17/20

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Other Coronavirus/COVID-19 Legal Resources

Davis Brown regularly updates the COVID-19 legal resources page providing interpretations of guidance from administrative bodies and new laws. If you have a question about how your business can adapt, please contact your legal counsel.

You can count on The Partnership to continue to share accurate and fact-based updates as well. See more on COVID-19 here.

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