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Exhibit Your Business at Iowa's Largest College and Career Fair

Golden Circle Career Fair

September 7, 2023

ICAN is excited to support and uplift Greater Des Moines (DSM) area employers through their upcoming Golden Circle College & Career Fair. Golden Circle isn’t your average college fair — it’s the biggest college fair in the state, incorporating the importance of career exploration and providing the opportunity for you to get in front of hundreds of students in order to showcase your business and industry through handouts, giveaways, exhibits and displays.

Event Details

The Golden Circle College and Career Fair will take place on Sunday, Sept. 24 at The Meadows Conference & Events Center in Altoona. Doors open at 1 p.m. Businesses can register online here to register as a business/industry career exhibitor. Within the registration, all businesses will need to select one of the six “Career Clusters” by which students can search among specific industry employers. These include: Exhibitor Booth

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Applied Sciences, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Business, Finance, Marketing & Management
  • Health Science
  • Human Services
  • Information Solutions

These six career clusters allow students to find out about career opportunities within those particular clusters, as well as the education and training requirements for the careers, and pathways, within those clusters. There are 16 career pathways within the six clusters listed above.

Career Clusters

Unsure which of the six “Career Clusters” your business falls under? Companies in agriculture, natural resources, horticulture, food production and the environment would register under Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Those in architecture, construction, manufacturing, STEM, transportation, distribution and logistics would fall under Applied Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Business, finance, marketing, management and administration all fall under Business, Finance, Marketing & Management, while careers in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, physical therapy and health science should be registered under Health Science. Businesses in education and training, human services, hospitality and tourism, government and public administration, law, public safety, corrections and security should register within the Human Services cluster. Those in the arts, audio/visual technology, graphic design, communications and information technology would fall under the Information Solutions cluster.

Find out more about exhibiting at the 33rd Annual Golden Circle College and Career Fair at icansucceed.org.

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Brittania Morey

Brittania Morey is Vice President of Marketing and Communications for ICAN East Central Iowa Student Success Center.