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Beth Montpas of Life Coaching Speaks at First Fridays

Beth Montpas, owner of Life Coaching in Greater Des Moines (DSM), has always had a passion for helping women become leaders of their lives. Beth’s lifestyle coaching helps people facing major life changes how to get organized and form meaningful relationships.

Designing a New Life

Beth speaks about the difficulty of facing divorce. After realizing she could become recharged through meeting and forming relationships with businesswomen within the DSM business community. Through finding these women, Beth says she felt empowered.

Target Market

Exhausted women who want to build their best life are Beth’s target market. She explains that she loves to help women writing their next chapter.

A Typical Day

Mondays and Tuesdays, Beth works one-on-one with clients. Wednesdays and Thursdays are for small groups. For women who aren’t sure what they need, the small group provides them an opportunity to meet a group of women and explore topics together. Fridays are for thinking and planning.


Beth explains that her mentors don’t know her, that it’s not about who you know but who you follow. She listens to podcasts and videos for business owners. John Maxwell, Oprah and Tara Mohr are just a few of the mentors who help her play a bigger game and grow her business.


Beth explains she does all her advertising and relationship building on Facebook. Within her posts, she tries to put out authentic content, building her business through genuineness and curiosity.

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