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Raising Capital in the Midwest

While a startup can raise money anywhere, Midwestern investors have the Midwestern ‘it factor,’ working together, collaborating and helping companies they believe in. Cayla Weisberg, of InvestHER, shares her startup experience building a female-owned business in the Midwest.

Set Your Startup Up for Success

Cayla offers a few ways you can ensure your business finds success. Here are a few tips she highlights in the video.

Keep Investors Up to Date

Including investors in monthly updates allows them to maintain a relationship with your startup and is an important way for them to stay in the loop over time. Email updates sent once a month will help build trust, keep investors informed and allow for transparent back-and-forth, allowing investors to offer help in areas they might be experts in.

Incorporate a CRM Tool

In the beginning, utilizing a customer relationship management tool, or CRM, is one way that you can set your startup up for success. Hubspot and Salesforce are just a few CRM tools that analyze areas of opportunity and keep you organized. Hubspot, a marketing and sales software platform, is a leader in inbound marketing, sales, customer service and CRM. Salesforce seeks to create lasting relationships between customers through sales, marketing, apps, analytics and more.

Have a Plan for Successful Employee Retention

Incentivizing your employees and making sure employees have the tools and resources they need is another aspect that Cayla touches on in the video that lead to success for startups. Employee job satisfaction should be top of mind for startups and can have a huge impact on future success.

Build Case Studies

Whether B2B or B2C, tech or non-tech, Cayla explains how you need case studies that showcase projections and customer relationships.

Seek Out Early Adopters

What is the problem you are trying to solve? When you understand this, you can find advocates early on in the startup process by showing them a solution to their problems.