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Entrepreneurship happens in Greater Des Moines (DSM). As you are looking to start or grow your small business, these resources from the Greater Des Moines Partnership can support your path. Find a multitude of resources for your business, including stories on fellow local entrepreneurs, podcast episodes and upcoming events for small business owners and startups. Learn from fellow DSM entrepreneurs on what has worked for their businesses and create a master plan of your own to take your business to the next level.  

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Resources for Entrepreneurs 

The Partnership offers the tools you need to help grow your small business or startup. From online resources on topics like how to start a business, finance, banking and capital, marketing, hiring and events for small business, The Partnership is here to help. Check out The Partnership’s resources for small businesses, and learn how to connect with organizations throughout the community as well as opportunities for business counseling on the DSM Small Business Hub. Utilize The Partnership’s Resource Compass tool to find resources to help your business grow. This searchable directory contains over 80 resources and programs, curated just for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Additionally, the tool also has a Small Business Owner Business Assistance Request intake form you can fill out to get connected with the DSM Startup Hub.

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Additional Resources

Greater Des Moines Entrepreneurial Community 

Chelsa Smith

MEET Chelsa Smith | Bread by Chelsa B

A home-based business in DSM got its start amid the pandemic and now specializes in sourdough.

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MEET Kuuku Saah | Mars Café

How investing regionally helps businesses grow and thrive. 

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Kuuku Saah Headshot
Lana Fox

MEET Lana Fox | ClinicNote

How questions — and the Global Insurance Accelerator — led ClinicNote to find solutions and success.

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MEET Omar Jordan | LenderClose

Asking the “Hows” and “Whys” leads to a life of entrepreneurship for an immigrant.

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Omar Jordan
TJ Rude Headshot

MEET T.J. Rude | Northern Vessel

Mentorship and community support taking hospitality to a new level.

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MEET Eric West | Music League

Music League lets people discover new music and artists through laid-back competition.

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Eric West


Looking for more information and ways to connect with the entrepreneur network in DSM? Contact Diana Wright, Startup Community Builder.