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Mortgage MarketSmart Makes an Impact in the Banking Industry

With clients that are both regional and national banks, iEmergent helps their customers navigate the lending landscape through the web-based tool, Mortgage MarketSmart. Founders Laird and Bernard Nossuli speak with Mike Colwell, Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, about their Greater Des Moines (DSM) startup roots.

MarketSmart Works to Solve Two Main Problems

MarketSmart solves the problem of efficiency and how to direct diverse markets that all recover in different ways, as well as how the banking industry can navigate new laws and compliance issues.

Minimum Viable Product

Mike explains minimum viable product and why you shouldn’t build the entire product and go to market, but instead build the minimum you need and get out and sell it and get feedback.

Marketing Plan

The Nossulis talk about figuring out the tone for introducing infographics, case studies, stories and other ways the customer can see the information and the problem being solved at the same time. Mike also touches on how quantifying information and defensible data will market better as audiences look to distinguish what’s true from what’s not.

Marketing in Trade Journals

The industry publications want to highlight innovation. Since iEmergent is the only product that does the type of forecasting it does and looks good, or has the wow factor within the industry, Laird has been able to write articles that the magazines are excited about.

Balancing Family Life

If you’re going to work with family, you have to do a good job of having each person work on what they’re good at and be able to compromise. The company won’t move forward if the owners don’t get along. Laird says you must make the best choice for the team in moments of disagreement.

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