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Write Once, Use Twice (or more!)

Sally Cooper Smith, of Cooper Smith and Company, explains the benefits of repurposing marketing content to make it easier for your business to navigate the content treadmill cybersecurity at the 2019 Small Business Success Summit.

The Content Treadmill

The content treadmill encompasses the many avenues of marketing you must create content for, including blogs, social platforms, press releases, newsletters, marketing collateral, advertising, podcasts and more. Make your content work harder for your business by utilizing information already at hand.

Identify Your Content

Sally says to take inventory of what content you have, as well as the analytics behind the content you have put out previously. Next, repurpose your content with fresh wording, change how it flows or add some new content for a new audience segment. You can put content into a new format or change up the tone or style. Would a graphic designer know how to make your old content pop?

Best Practices

Knowing when you should outsource content creation is key. If you want to reach a specific audience you might need someone from that audience to write your content. It’s also important to know the difference between content and advertising. Sally says you shouldn’t be selling all the time. Finally, match your brand to your audience and your audience to the right channel/format.

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