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Business Climate

Topping several notable business rankings across the country, including those conducted by popular news sites NBC News, Forbes, USA Today and MarketWatch, Greater Des Moines (DSM) ranks among the highest when it comes to best cities to live, work and start a business. With a highly trained workforce, tax advantages, business incentives and business-friendly state and local governments, DSM's business climate is thriving.

Synchronist Report

The Greater Des Moines Partnership has released results from its 2020 Regional Existing Industry Report. The report is a compilation of data gathered from 180 company visits in 24 communities in the Greater Des Moines (DSM) region, using the Synchronist Existing Industry Survey to capture data.

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America's Best Workforce

DSM's workforce is highly educated and productive. The state is currently graduating 91 percent (2017) of its public high school students according to figures released by the Iowa Department of Education (the region sits slightly higher), and student scores on the ACT and SAT college entrance exams rank among the best in the country. Combined with our training incentives and excellent educational institutions, the region's workforce provides a profitable advantage for a business location. Screening, assessment and testing services are offered so that a company can select the right people for the new jobs, and training reimbursements allow the company to save valuable dollars to train these workers up front.

Iowa is a Right-to-Work State

Under Iowa law, an employee must not be required to join a union or pay dues or fees to any labor union, association or organization as a condition of employment.

Unemployment Insurance

Iowa has one of the lowest new employer unemployment insurance tax rates in the nation. The 2022 standard new employer rate for all non-construction businesses for a three-year period is 1 percent on $34,800 maximum taxable earnings.

Workers' Compensation

Iowa's comparative workers' compensation costs continue to rank among the nation's lower cost states.

Tax Advantages & Incentives

Iowa's corporate income tax laws offer significant advantages when compared to the corporate taxes of other states. Find information on further tax advantages in the state of Iowa to assist in expanding your businesses and relocating to our state. 

Local Government

The Partnership collaborates with various counties, communities and other partners ready to bring in and collaborate with new business.


The Partnership provides local small businesses with resources that enable growth and prosperity among entrepreneurs. 

Major Employers

A selection of the largest employers in our service area can be found here.


DSM is a leader in developing sustainable infrastructure to accommodate the region's rapidly growing business economy. 


DSM's strong and reliable transportation infrastructure makes the region a prime choice for businesses.