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A Personal Touch

Andrew Dickelman and Nate Joens, the co-founders of Greater Des Moines (DSM)-based Structurely, discuss how they created the startup with a focus on artificial intelligence for the real estate industry.

Customer Focus

Structurely is motivated to build and use tools to help customers engage and see success. A few of the tools that excite them include Intercom, Heap Analytics and Segment.

Talking with Realtors

Through speaking with realtors, Andrew and Nate discovered that realtors were spending money on leads, but because they’re so busy they did not have time to respond in a timely manner. With artificial intelligence that engages potential customers utilizing around-the-clock messaging, realtors are able to convert more of their leads into sales. 

Team and Culture

Andrew and Nate speak on trying to give the staff of Structurely autonomy. They try to keep things fun and hours flexible but working remotely isn’t something the company can handle. 

What’s Next

Eventually, the company will need to integrate with lead sources from Zillow, Realtor.com, website forms, Facebook, etc. By putting help tools in place, including help docs and videos, realtors can become easily integrated with Structurely. As for the product, the next step is to figure out the enterprise route and accommodating large franchises.

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