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Top 5 Ways to Reach Your Most Ambitious Goals and Achieve the Lifestyle You Desire

Courtney DeRonde Webinar Top Five

February 3, 2022

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I live with a perpetual sense that I’ve forgotten something.
  • I’m simply going through the motions and watching time pass me by.
  • I am too busy. My to-do list never gets any shorter.
  • I know what I should be working on, but I get distracted and never seem to make any progress.
  • I put my dreams on the shelf long ago. I want to get there someday, but year after year, someday never comes.

I get it. I’ve been there.

I used to have no structure to my calendar. I was constantly switching gears — meetings, appointments and time to work on projects were crammed into my calendar wherever and whenever there was an empty spot. And what I couldn’t get finished during the day, I picked back up in the evening, early morning or weekend hours. As I went through my day, I captured ideas, thoughts and to-dos all over the place — my iPad, one of half a dozen note pads, meeting agendas, etc. I checked my email between meetings, on my phone in line at the grocery store, before work, after work, anywhere — mostly to see what was there; not to do anything with the emails. So, those messages would stay in my inbox, along with thousands of others, for me to deal with later when I had time. I had a constant and nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. I was always busy. Never felt prepared. Never felt rested. I was overwhelmed, and I was starting to wonder how in the world I could sustain this pace.

Then, I read a book by Michael Hyatt called “Free to Focus” and started using the Full Focus System.

What is the Full Focus System?

The Full Focus System is the goal achievement and productivity framework. With this system, I now have:

  • A central storehouse for all of my tasks, notes and to-dos
  • Worthwhile goals I’m excited to pursue
  • Clear priorities instead of a never-ending to-do list
  • Consistent accountability by focusing on just three tasks in the right direction each day
  • Actionable plans to achieve my goals

I now capture all my notes and to-dos in one place. I established a habit of reflecting and planning every day, every week and every quarter. I created an ideal week to batch similar ways of working or thinking to stop wasting energy switching gears or worrying that I’ve missed something. I put boundaries around my work time, including no more work on nights and weekends or on vacation. I learned to prioritize and focus on what to do. I set goals and wrote them down. I started reading them every morning as part of my morning routine — along with my cup of coffee, reading my daily devotional, exercising and getting myself and the kids out the door. I process my email inbox a few set times each day. And when I leave work, I leave work (mostly; nobody’s perfect).

The Full Focus System is embodied by the Full Focus Planner — a physical tool to help you execute the system. However, you do not have to have a planner to execute the Top 5 Ways to Reach Your Most Ambitious Goals + Achieve the Lifestyle You Desire. The key practices include:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Creating Constraints
  3. Reflection
  4. Planning
  5. Automation

I have learned the difference between time management and energy management. I have learned the power of habits and the power of rest and rejuvenation. I have learned that I can win at work and succeed at life.

To learn more about the Top 5 Ways to Reach Your Most Ambitious Goals + Achieve the Lifestyle You Desire, check out the webinar recording below:


You can also join the wait list for our upcoming Half-Day Full Focus Workshop.

Courtney DeRonde is a CPA and managing partner of TDT CPAs and Advisors, a boutique advisory and accounting firm for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. They help overwhelmed, successful leaders understand and maximize financial information so they can achieve better results and move their organization to the next level. TDT is awarded as a Forbes 2022 Best Accounting Firm. Courtney is primarily responsible for the firm’s vision and strategic direction. Her professional background includes almost two decades serving small businesses and nonprofits. As an owner in her firm and managing partner, she also has firsthand experience running and scaling a small business. She is recognized for her expertise and ability to make complicated topics practical and relatable as she speaks at various conferences, seminar and on podcasts. Her expertise goes beyond finance, Courtney is a Full Focus Certified Professional and speaks regularly on leadership, decision making goal creation and productivity. Learn more about Courtney here.

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Courtney DeRonde

Courtney DeRonde, CPA, is co-managing partner at TDT CPAs and Advisors. Courtney uses real-life experience from her work in firm leadership and 18 years of business knowledge to help small businesses succeed. She is recognized for her expertise as she presents at various conferences and seminars.