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Top Five Tactics for Enticing Talent

July 19, 2017

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you’re going to face difficult situations and challenges. Throughout the lifecycle of an organization, talent acquisition, retention, and engagement issues present themselves periodically. However, the important part is how you respond to those challenges.

As a small to medium-sized business owner (SMB), you work towards navigating these complexities; staying compliant with local and federal regulations, shopping for competitive benefits, and finding applicants amidst the ever-increasing shortage of talent in the market.

Anne Barry of Aureon in Greater Des Moines (DSM) identifies five ways that you can utilize to entice talent that can give your organization a boost ahead of your competition and make your organization stand out, thus reducing any recruitment challenges you may have. 

Give Your Employment Brand a Face Lift

To enhance your employment brand, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do candidates want to work for you?
  • How and where do people learn about your company?
  • Who owns your employment brand?

Take control of your employer brand and manage your online presence. Candidates are researching your organization, so make sure you know what they’ll find.

Modernize Your Family Leave Policies

How much paid time off does your organization currently offer for family leave? It may be time to reconsider, so you can more effectively recruit and retain top talent.

Expand and Articulate Flexible Work Options

Offering flexible work options can give your organization the following benefits:

  • Improved work-life balance.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduced turnover.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Increased employee morale and loyalty.

Know What Your People are Worth

Your top talent may be discovering that their value in the market has increased at a more rapid rate than their compensation inside your organization, which makes it easy for recruiters to lure them away. Ensure your compensation strategy isn’t still in the dark ages by using reputable vendors and sources for compensation data.

Clarify Career Paths

Align your hiring strategy with your plans, and map out specific career paths within your organization.  

With these five tactics, you can attract and retain even more top talent, and keep your organization on the right path to staying competitive in the labor market and creating a great place to work. 

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Christina Moffatt

Christina Moffatt serves as director of small business resources at the Greater Des Moines Partnership. She most recently served as Regional Director for the Iowa Small Business Development Center (SBDC), overseeing Dallas, Polk, Jasper, Warren and Marion Counties. She is also the owner of the award-winning Crème Cupcake + Dessert, which she founded in 2010.