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Use YouTube to Grow Your Business Webinar Recap

YouTube and Growing Business

Greater Des Moines Partnership Director of Small Business Resources Christina Moffatt welcomed Dave Meyer, a speaker/trainer with Google. Dave hosted a “Use YouTube to Grow Your Business” webinar for business owners across Greater Des Moines (DSM). With more than 2 billion monthly logged in users and 1 billion hours of video watched per day, YouTube can help people discover your product or service. It’s essential to learn how to maximize it for your business.

Business Videos

Dave’s insights on YouTube touch on creating a channel, producing videos that align with your goals, organizing your channel, promoting your business through video, streaming with YouTube Live and other resources.

Creating a Channel

With your Google account, you can sign into YouTube and “Create a Channel” that will be recognizable to your business. From there, you will upload a profile picture (logo or headshot), fill out a description and add website and social media links.

Producing Videos

When using videos to achieve business goals, it’s important to ask yourself what the purpose of the video is (to attract, to engage and build connections, to inspire or to inform). Consider your space, lighting and sound when shooting your video.

Organizing Your Channel

Dave says to think about channel art, video trailers, introductory video description and playlists. Each video should have a title, description and thumbnail while also belong to a playlist and comply with audience regulations. You’ll want to define your visibility and create buzz through shareable watch pages

Promoting Your Business

You can share your channel via social media, email, blogs and your website. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel through links. Through advertising on YouTube, there are many options. There are five formats available for ads: display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads and bumper ads.

Streaming on YouTube

Live YouTube Live allows users to interact with businesses in real time. YouTube Live must be set up 24+ hours before publishing your first video. Dave shares set-up steps and shares checklists for using YouTube Live.

View the entire webinar here.

Questions on how to use data to drive business growth? Email Dave for more info at dave@bizzyweb.com.

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