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Salesforce Tips to Increase Productivity + Boost Engagement During COVID-19

Salesforce Tips During COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, businesses and organizations of all sizes and across all industries have had to redefine "business as usual" in order to meet the needs of their business and protect their most valuable asset: their employees. Overnight, companies shifted their workforces from brick and mortar workplaces to remote setups. Employees have had to adapt as well, adjusting to the "new normal" that is working from home.

While businesses have been impacted to varying degrees, one thing seems to ring true for all of Doextra's customers — digitized business processes built on Salesforce have made the transition easier.

Salesforce Tools

While there is no magic wand that will instantly transform your business processes, Salesforce is your asset and with a solid approach and structure, the results will surpass your expectations! Items you will find in your Salesforce toolbox include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Reports/Dashboards: Utilize Salesforce's user-friendly reporting functionality to build sales reports and dashboards giving management and employees insight into their sales pipeline, trends and active opportunities.
  • Email Integration: Recording emails after the fact is every salesperson's struggle. By integrating your Google GMAIL or Outlook email into Salesforce to automatically log email chains, you can save precious time and patience.
  • Chatter: Use Chatter to enhance your employee and customer communication. Chatter is free on the Salesforce.com platform and is built for collaboration as a file sharing and messaging platform.
  • Organization Review: Do your users trust the data in Salesforce? Is Salesforce setup to meet your needs? Now is a great time to assess your current organizational structure and design and clean up your data, etc.

6 Ways to Work Smarter

Below are a few ways that Salesforce can work to your advantage. However, I challenge you to think about how you can work smarter with Salesforce:

  • Review pipeline and identify new targets.
  • Review existing Accounts and look for cross/upsell Opportunities.
  • Review/clean up cases that have been open for a long time.
  • Use List Views/Reports to identify and update any critical or significant data.
  • Ensure past/future activity/touchpoints are properly and accurately logged/documented.
  • Remember, "If it’s not in Salesforce, then it didn’t happen.”

5 Free Salesforce Tools

Currently, Salesforce has numerous free tools available as well.

  • Trailheads: Learn from the experts through interactive e-learning tools, including COVID-19 specific trails!
  • Salesforce Admin Certification: For the first time, Salesforce is offering virtual classes and testing on Certification Days for those seeking bragging rights as a “Certified Admin.”
  • Des Moines Admin User Group: Attend a User Group meeting to learn from Greater Des Moines (DSM) super users and hear the latest on Releases and more.
  • Salesforce Care: Salesforce is giving away 90 days of free access to Salesforce Essentials like Quip, Tableau, Social Studio and more.
  • Work.com: A new tool released by Salesforce to help companies navigate a path forward. Work.com includes a free playbook with a special segment on engagement as well.

Of course, you can always ask the experts at Doextra CRM Solutions. Our team of developers and consultants have been working in and outside DSM for more than 23 years in the CRM space and we are here if you need us! Trust me, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before!

See the entire Doextra Salesforce webinar below:


You can count on The Partnership to continue to share accurate and fact-based updates as well. See more on COVID-19 here.

Julie Brandt and Dave Small

Julie Brandt and Dave Small work at Doextra CRM Solutions in Greater Des Moines (DSM).