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Begin Your Fundraising Journey at the 2020 Raising Capital Seminar Series

2020 Raising Capital Seminar

You’ve got the idea. You’ve got the drive. All that’s missing is the capital. Before you rush out to secure funds, whether for a new business or a growing one, there are a few things you should know.

The 2020 Raising Capital Seminar is a series of events designed to help entrepreneurs and startup owners tell their story the right way in order to raise capital and find success. From understanding how to deliver the perfect pitch to getting financial documents in order, it’s crucial to your business’ progress to understand exactly where your business currently stands and what it needs in order to grow and develop. Investors want to know that you understand your business inside and out. Learn from entrepreneurs who have walked this path before. Hear what worked, what didn’t and what they would do differently now.

Learning from Others’ Success

During the 2019 event, Charise Flynn, founder of c.Results, shared ideas on how to tell your business’ story, offering insight into laying out your pitch deck — from problem to solution to product to business model and more. Joe Leo, attorney with BrownWinick Law Firm, offered tips for organizing due diligence (DD) documents and DD best practices.

Hear from past attendees on how the Raising Capital Seminar helped them find investors and resources.

Flynn and Leo return for the 2020 event, along with Chris Sackett and Mike Colwell. Join us to get the latest information related to forming your business plan and calculating the funds needed to help your small business or startup grow. What new technology and programming can assist you on your journey and help you stand out to the investors that can help push your business forward? Are you ready for the next step?

While you may not know for sure what your next move is, we can help you discover the way to get there. Attend one or all — we suggest all! — of the virtual presentations to hear from informed speakers and other attendees.

Register Today

This year, the Raising Capital Seminar will take place virtually every Wednesday in October. Register for each presentation below, including:

Learn more about the Raising Capital Seminar Series and view past presentations and resources here.

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