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Liz Lidgett of Adore Your Walls Speaks at First Fridays

Adore Your Walls, located in Greater Des Moines (DSM), is an art advisory service helping people find art that’s right for them, their budget and their space.

Pursuing Passion

Liz talks about her passion of getting people to quit their jobs and start their own business. She explains how DSM is a place that is built for new ideas and working hard to find support. The life of a small business owner is all over the place. Liz says that if you stay consistent and keep doing the work, you’ll be okay. When you have a big win or big loss, ask yourself, “What’s next?”

Defining an Entrepreneur

The ability to adapt is the most important quality a small business owner needs to have. Things don’t always turn out the way you think they will. Liz says you’ve got to talk about your idea so people can give feedback and help you adapt. “Do only what you can do.” Liz says it’s important to focus on what you do well and delegate the things you don’t do as well.


Liz talks about her family as inspiration. Her parents who were entrepreneurs, her sister who became COO of Adore Your Walls and her husband who is creative all act as inspiration. Finding people to be on your side, as well as networking groups is important. Liz still relies on the Iowa Center for Economic Success, Mike Colwell with the Greater Des Moines Partnership and Iowa Women Lead Change (IWLC) are just a few of the people who help small businesses around DSM.

National Recognition

After moving the business online and renaming it Adore Your Walls, the company stays competitive in the art industry by promoting the artists they work with and treating them well.

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