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Talent Development Resources

The Greater Des Moines Partnership goes above and beyond to help organizations with talent development, attraction and retention in order to keep Greater Des Moines (DSM) home for high-quality, high-performing employees. The Partnership connects businesses to a variety of networking, community involvement and professional development opportunities that help shape the area's workforce. 

For more information, contact Jenae Sikkink, Senior Vice President of Talent Development and Inclusive Strategies, at (515) 286-4927.

Finding Talent

The Partnership's Career Center is a resource for companies to post their job openings for candidates to search and apply for career opportunities.

Looking for talent to fill your company's job openings? Post your job to The Partnership's Career Center

DSM Fellowship Program

The DSM Fellowship Program is a preeminent professional development initiative that attracts, develops and retains a diverse community of top-tier graduates. Fellows are exposed to opportunities that accelerate their professional track and grant lasting connections. To learn more about the opportunity for investor businesses to enhance their workforce diversity by sponsoring and supporting Fellows' career growth in Greater Des Moines (DSM), visit the DSM Fellowship Program page.

Relocation Information

Sell your candidates on DSM with a free relocation packet with information on building a life and career in DSM. The Do Something Greater website, The Partnership’s talent attraction initiative for the region, also offers information and resources. Area employers are encouraged to share the site with candidates.  

Palmer Group Salary Guide

Palmer Group has shared its knowledge and expertise in this marketplace in its Salary Guide. For both employers and potential employees, compensation is a critical component in determining if a position will be accepted or declined. Palmer Group is DSM’s leading employment agency and a trusted resource for information about salaries in the region. Its Salary Guide is the product of collaboration with The Partnership, and is its most comprehensive summary to date for the job market in Iowa.

Download the most recent Salary Guide.

Internships 101

Looking to start an internship program within your organization? Use The Partnership's Internships 101 Guide to get you started and help you all the way through the evaluation process.

DSM Intern Connection

Get your interns engaged in the local community! Open to all interns and college students working in DSM, DSM Intern Connection offers future young professionals the opportunity to experience the culture that makes DSM unique. This summer series features presentations from community leaders who speak about the ins and outs of business success.


In major corporations and small businesses alike, The Partnership's businesses make inclusion one of the primary measures of their success. Learn more about The Partnership's inclusion resources and how businesses foster inclusivity.

Additionally, explore how DSM creates a welcoming community for foreign-born talent.

Welcome to DSM Receptions

The Partnership holds Welcome to DSM receptions to help introduce your new recruits to the community, so DSM can start to feel like home. Visit the calendar page to look for upcoming receptions!

Home Base Iowa

This program is dedicated to connecting businesses across the region with qualified veterans looking for career opportunities. By working together, Home Base Iowa believes it can help create a stronger, happier professional community.

Additionally, learn more bout how DSM offers a welcoming community to veterans