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Understanding Gen Z in the Future World of Work

Future World of Work Summit

October 20, 2022

How does the future workforce understand opportunities available to them? How are employers engaging with potential talent? At the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s inaugural Future World of Work Summit, I’ll address national data trends, the talent shortage and more.


National data has indicated that there would be a talent shortage for a long time. Baby boomers retiring, declining replacement rate in fertility, immigration challenges and more have had a huge effect on labor trends. Understanding the data allows employers to create more opportunities and innovation. How does Generation Z view these opportunities? As the most diverse generation the nation has ever had, Gen Z’s entry into the workforce is an exciting time for us all.

Gen Z Trends

Gen Z is a generation of intentionality. It’s diverse and full of thoughtful, creative individuals who want to give back through work and be a part of something. They understand multiple pathways and are likely to research and see where they can work longer term. When you know that Gen Z is there to learn and do meaningful work, or develop themselves as a professional, a company can market jobs, not based solely on salary, but on culture and environment. Companies need to be listening and watching for what is important to Gen Z and take that information to create a robust workforce.

During the Summit, we’ll go over the four steps of the Corporations Early Talent Playbook and insights on connecting with this Gen Z workforce so that you can put new ideas into practice as an organization. I’ll also highlight Iowa-specific data that shows risk attraction/retention information and perception of the industry in Iowa. Register for the Future World of Work Summit to join me at the FFA Enrichment Center at Des Moines Area Community College from Noon until 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24. The 2022 Future World of Work Summit is sponsored by Iowa Workforce Development, Jacobson Institute at Grand View University, MercyOne and Des Moines Area Community College.

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Casey Welch

Casey Welch is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tallo, a digital platform that connects nearly 2 million students and professionals to opportunities offered by colleges, companies and organizations. Under Casey’s leadership, Tallo serves as a virtual ecosystem leveling the playing field for all students and job seekers, regardless of traditional geographic and economic barriers. Casey is a leading expert on Generation Z in higher education and the workforce, and his insights have been featured in Forbes, FastCompany, IndustryWeek, and SHRM.