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2019 Central Iowa Business Conference: Break Out of Any Business Rut

Urbandale Chamber Spotlight

August 20, 2019

Inspiration comes in many forms. For those of us operating businesses, innovative ideas and new ways of thinking can offer a fresh perspective and further ignite our growth.

The 2019 Central Iowa Business Conference is delivering this inspiration with business and personal success stories from national and state dreamers who use determination, persistence, personal strength and wisdom to power through business challenges and struggles with winning force.

8 Ways to Break Out of Your Business Rut

What triggers your spark? What does it take to get back on track again?

We’ve all been there, bogged down by the day-to-day routine of business, and then you suddenly realize the inspiration is waning.

This is usually when Simon Sinek taps you on the YouTube screen to tell you in his mind-blowing way to go find your “why.”

Why do you get up every day? Why did you get into this business? Why did you think your big idea could get traction?

Central Iowa Business Conference would submit that by digging even deeper into the business expertise of breakout session speakers during this year’s conference. You’ll find these eight ways to bury that rut and keep propelling forward.

Start with Leadership

When you’re steering the ship, it’s on you to prepare your teams to embrace changes ahead. ATW Training gets neurological to help us see how the brain processes change and how we can work with that science to mitigate negative reactions and how leaders can equip and empower their teams to adopt new initiatives to be successful.

Speaker: Cathy Belmont, Director of Training Operations, ATW Training Solutions

Prepare Your Business for Innovation and Productivity by Addressing Diversity & Inclusion

Did you know that when the workplace culture tries to remove unconscious biases and improves overall respect for co-workers, customers and vendor teams become more productive and companies more innovative? That’s because we remove barriers that block open communication and ideas from flowing freely. This power-packed panel on Seeing Diversity & Inclusion Through a Different Lens brings new ideas to light to help you shift your workplace culture.

Panelists: Daniel Hoffman–Zinnel, CEO of Proteus; Omar Jordan – Founder of LenderClose; Megan Milligan – President & CEO of Iowa Center for Economic Success; Claudia Schabel – President of Schabel Solutions

Set Goals for What’s Ahead

Are you building a business that has lasting power? Building a Business that Lasts: How to Create and Maintain a Comprehensive Business Continuity and Succession Plan™(BCSP)

Speaker: Alan Richardson, MBA, Business Coach and Certified EOS Implementer with Focused Facilitation, LLC

Protect Your Ship from Sinking 

The legal landscape for business is ever-evolving today. Discover what’s changed and how to protect your business from legal pitfalls and navigate issues.

Speakers: Emily Pontius – Shareholder and Kendra D. Simmons – Senior Associate at Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.  

Evaluate What Your Brand is Saying 

If you’re looking to get out of a business rut, you might have to ask yourself … maybe it’s me? Learn more about what your personal brand is saying and why it can be your most strategic business asset.

Speaker: Emily Steele, Co-Owner of Brand Launch

Get Organized to Get What You Want Out of Your Business 

Using simple concepts and practical tools, you can get everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with your vision and plan, get the traction from everyone to execute your vision and help leaders function cohesively to develop a healthy team. Sound too good to be true? Attend this panel discussion with top companies who have implemented this EOS® system and whose businesses are thriving.

Facilitator: Rob Taylor, EOS Implementer™ with Taylor Management Systems

Turn Relationships into Greater Performance and Profits 

It’s all about the relationship, right? Connecting with people and building trust, rapport and loyalty is the fuel that feeds everything. Learn more about crucial concepts involved in developing customer and employee relationships that drive action. You’ll immediately be able to implement multiple strategies that enhance relationships and give you a competitive edge.

Speaker: Lorri Wright, VP of Operations and Director of Education, The Buyosphere

Funding Innovation

When you’re starting a new venture funding can make or break your ability to take an idea to market. We’ll uncover the different funding options in our morning bonus break-out session for business startups, including angel investing and Small Business Administration funding.

Attend this one-day uber educational conference on September 19, 2019 for entrepreneurs, leaders, business managers and teams. With eight breakout sessions, Central Iowa Business Conference-goers get a full day of education options across various topics.

Find more tips on starting and growing your business at sba.gov. Learn more about The Partnership’s Business Resources offerings, including connecting locally, globally, workplace wellness, inclusion and more.

Discover more about The Partnership’s tools to help Greater Des Moines (DSM) entrepreneurs and startups develop and grow their ventures with Small Business Resources.

Tiffany Menke

Since 2004, Tiffany Menke, IOM, has been the President of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce. She has served on the boards of and is a Past President/Past Chair of ICCE, CITR, and IMA. She currently represents Iowa on the MACE Board of Directors and serves on the Diversity and Inclusion Council through the Greater Des Moines Partnership.