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Budgeting + Cash Flow Strategies

Top Five

February 1, 2023

This article includes interviews with Heather Huotari and Tony Bannasch-Ruzicka with Eide Bailly:

Walk away from the next Top Five Series event with a better understanding of the importance of monitoring and managing your business's financial performance. Understanding best practices for budgeting and cash flow forecasting will help you to make accurate and informed business decisions moving forward. 

With the help of Eide Bailly, a CPA and consulting firm in Greater Des Moines (DSM), business owners can find ways to navigate financial data and the numbers side of things better to ensure that you’re making the right decisions for your business. Eide Bailly itself provides budgeting and cash flow services that help make the most of your next business decision, set yourself up for growth and plan for what’s ahead.   

What You’ll Learn 

During the Top Five Series event we’ll go over strategies to help you understand your businesses budget and cash flow. We’ll cover: 

  • Best practices for budgeting and cash flow forecasting.  
  • Cash flow vs profit. 
  • Examples of how to calculate cash flow. 
  • Potential strategies to increase cash flow. 

Eide Bailly has an outsourced accounting and finance team that works with businesses just like yours to provide the high-level financial guidance you need, no matter where you are in your business. We offer educational opportunities through webinars and insights on budgeting, cash flow and so much more.

Watch the complete Top Five webinar below:


For more information on Eide Bailly, visit eidebailly.com

Author Profiles

Heather Huotari

Heather Huotari, Outsourced Accounting Senior Manager at Eide Bailly, helps clients better understand their financials through her background in technology, business operation workflows and business consulting.

Tony Bannasch-Ruzicka

Tony Bannasch-Ruzicka, Outsourced Accounting Manager at Eide Bailly, helps clients better understand their financials through his background in accounting services, tax compliance and business consulting.

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Eide Bailly

Eide Bailly is a business advisory and accounting firm in Greater Des Moines (DSM), helping clients embrace opportunities.