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A Healthcare Technology Startup Story

Rational Surgical Solutions (RSS), with startup roots in Greater Des Moines (DSM), leverages technology to improve patient communication and saves time by allowing physicians and nurses to educate on consent, treatment information and more. Founder Jonathan Fialkov discusses more about RSS.

Support for Patients

Studies show patients with strong support can lead to a 15 percent in hospital readmissions, as well as lower complication rates and reduced malpractice rates thanks to patient education and managing expectations. RSS works to strengthen support for patients through various ways.

Patient Portal

RSS utilizes video education. The patient portal is where patients get information and interact with a physician prior to a procedure. Post-operation, the portal has video, recorded interaction of the patient and physician, as well as post-operative care instructions.

Portal Content

Jonathan didn’t want to create his own content so instead enlisted another company to do the content creation which has been vetted by physicians and nurses. Scripts and documents are run through a government algorithm.

Lessons Learned

Jonathan talks about the long sales cycle within the healthcare industry and why he would hire industry sales people earlier in the process to close contracts.

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