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Net Promoter Systems Allow Businesses to Build Loyalty + Find Opportunity

Net Promoter Systems in Marketing

April 9, 2020

I sat in on a recent webinar from Torey Maerz, Founder and CEO of DSM-based Rocket Referrals, on the topic of Net Promoter Systems. Through requests for feedback, the premise is about understanding customer’s loyalty in order to turn your worst customers into your best customers and your best customers into your brand’s cheerleaders.

The feedback could be solicited following a transaction or on a relational-basis; Maerz recommends a relational approach approximately twice annually, and administered in a highly personal way. He cites that you get out what you put in, meaning impersonal outreach tends to lead to impersonal answers when seeking feedback. Jump on the phone and simply ask the question: How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?

Net Promoter Systems

Then, through the application of the Net Promoter System, responses can be categorized into:

  • 0-6 = Detractors; follow up with: What can we do to improve?
  • 7-8 = Neutral; follow up with: How can we change your score to a 10?
  • 9-10 = Promoters; follow up with: Wow! What did we do to deserve such a great score? We love specifics.

Maerz gives the following key reasons the Net Promoter System is advantageous for marketers:

  • Discover the truth: People are most likely to talk about their most important issues when you simply ask.
  • Find problems, fix them quickly. Whether you’re analyzing the data received from a company-wide perspective or segmented by sales person or customer service rep, there is surely a valuable opportunity to uncover if there are problems and jump right into analysis then fix-it mode.
  • Measure customer loyalty, not satisfaction. When you determine where your opportunities are to improve and you take swift action to do so, you have a priceless opportunity to create loyal customers for your brand!

View the webinar for even more insights from Maerz here:


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Kristine Thompson

Since 2015, Kristine Thompson has served as director of marketing at the Greater Des Moines Partnership - the economic and community development organization serving Greater Des Moines (DSM). Thompson's role includes marketing, advertising, research and branding efforts for more than 40 Partnership-affiliated entities, initiatives, campaigns and events. A UNI grad, Thompson knows the Greater Des Moines market well having served in various marketing and communications roles at the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau for four years. Additionally, Thompson has a marketing agency background with prior experience at Two Rivers Marketing as well as Strategic Marketing Services and Amperage (formerly ME & V Advertising Agency) in Cedar Falls, Iowa.