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Top Five Ways to Use Employees Strengths

Top 5 ways to use employee strengths

January 2, 2018

Team development and most importantly, team success, comes down to emotional intelligence, social intelligence and business intelligence. Here’s my top five ways to use employee strengths to succeed:

Think Like a Leader

Thinking like a leader is more about an attitude than any title a person might hold. Leadership is relevant in every aspect of life and, my belief is, those who truly understand leadership are achieving greater success and living a higher quality life. They see things differently. During my recent Top 5 presentation, which you can watch above, we talked about three different leadership perspectives; challenging attendees to see the world bigger.

Set Them Up for Success

Setting employees up for success is about having operational stability and giving your people a strong foundation to work from and a clear vision to work towards. It’s understanding their goals and giving them purpose while they are committed to your purpose. During this session, we talk about seven different ways you set employees up for success.

Give Them Clarity

Most of the time when things break down it’s due to a lack of clarity in some way shape or form. It’s either goals are clear or people aren’t clear on their role or communication is lacking or processes are inconsistent or people just don’t’ understand each other. During this session, we talked about five different things that need to be clear for you to get the most from your people.

Own Your Attitude and Judgement

Here is an ugly truth about people… we all judge. We are constantly scanning the world around us and assessing what we are experiencing and measuring it against our expectations and what makes us feel comfortable or uncomfortable. When things meet our expectations and we’re comfortable, we're good. When things don't align with our expectations and/or we are uncomfortable, we're not good. This session is all about checking our attitudes and judgements to make sure they aren’t getting in the way of giving our people the best experience possible.

Give People What They Need

People are like vehicles. Good fuel allows things to move forward efficiently and the wrong fuel leads to performance issues and breakdowns. Research shows there are four different types of people who each take a different type of fuel. Giving your people what they need is all about you understanding what fuels them and what leads them to breakdown, and making the conscious decision to fueling people with the right fuel. During this session, attendees learned about four different types of people and the fuel each one needs to achieve success.

Leadership is hard and having employees doesn’t make things any easier. The good news is the more attention we can give to maximizing employees’ strengths, the more intentional we can be with how we work with them and the easier things can be, which leads to creating a higher quality experience for everyone involved.

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Jason Kiesau

Jason Kiesau has been studying personal, professional and leadership development for most of his adult life. As the leadership and talent development manager for Aureon, he travels the country working with leaders in the areas of self-management, relationship building, strategic thinking, and development of high performing teams. Jason's purpose is to inspire confidence in everyone he works with, and he is passionate about helping them pursue and achieve meaningful results.