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The Road to MakuSafe

MakuSafe, based in Greater Des Moines (DSM) is founder Gabe Glynn’s sixth business. The large-scale hardware startup strives to improve workplace safety and productivity through technology and data. Gabe speaks with Mike Colwell, Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives at the Greater Des Moines Partnership, about his startup successes and failures.

Tracking Safety

The MakuSafe device tracks the environmental conditions that companies are keen on accessing, including sound, light, air quality and carbon monoxide around each worker that potentially create the risk for the employee, the employer and the insurance company.

Is it a life-saving device?

If MakuSafe were to move forward and become a life-saving device past just a tracking device, it would need to partner with an insurance company. If they moved into that space, it would lead to a higher level of liability and certification to undergo. Gabe and Mike explain how regulation will, over time, creep in.

Device Creation

Mike talks about how microcomputer project boards have enabled young kids and more to create their own products with their own boards. Programming has become accessible to all ages, which is exciting for the future startup world.

Angel Investors

When raising money, the angel investment is there to help you get further down your startup road. It shouldn’t just be about the check. If they have the connection to your end customer, they’re the ones you should want as an investor.

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