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Using Data to Drive Business Growth Webinar Recap

Driving Business Growth

Greater Des Moines Partnership Director of Small Business Resources Christina Moffatt welcomed Dave Meyer, a speaker/trainer with Google and the owner of BizzyWeb. Dave hosted a webinar on “Using Data to Drive Business Growth” for business owners across Greater Des Moines (DSM). The webinar focused on creating a business goal using available data, as well as navigating Google Analytics, including audience, acquisition and behavior reports.

Dave discusses how businesses must look at the numbers to make business decisions. These numbers should include:

  • Data – facts or statistics
  • Analytics – patterns/trends
  • Insights – actionable value

True insights must be obvious in hindsight, but not so obvious in the beginning. They must be credible and based on information from data. Insights must also be actionable. If you’re trying to grow your business, your insights must be useful and help grow business and make money.

Creating a Business Goal

Dave shares how to outline goals that will bring about results and leads. Focusing on the right goals can be done by making sure the goal is:

  • Specific
  • Relevant
  • Measurable
  • Time-Sensitive
  • Attainable

If you want to make a sale, you need to determine why you want to accomplish your specific goal and what the requirements are to meeting that goal. Next, you must measure your progress and determine the steps and resources to attain your goal, whether the goal is attainable at this time and how long it might take to accomplish your goal. Dave explains how asking questions about your customers will also help you create the right goals.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics looks at the data on your website. It allows for business owners to understand website information such as real time, acquisition, conversions, behavior and audience.

Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports will tell you what’s happening immediately with particular campaigns, social media posts and more.

Conversion Reports

To get the most out of conversion reports, you’ll want to look for purchases and leads. Look at a report for a recent period, make a change on your website and see how that change affects sales or views.

Audience Reports

Track your demographics, including age, gender and more. Google Analytics helps businesses determine their actual audience rather than perceived audience so you can alter your marketing strategy.

Acquisition Reports

How do you get your users? Acquisition reports answer this and tell you what marketing efforts are bringing in customers.

Behavior Reports

Behavior reports tell you what people do on your website.

View the entire webinar here.

Questions on how to use data to drive business growth? Email Dave for more info at dave@bizzyweb.com.

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