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DSM Fellowship Program


The DSM Fellowship Program creates a preeminent professional development initiative that attracts, develops and retains a diverse community of top-tier graduates. Companies enhance their workforce diversity and Fellows grow their life and career in Greater Des Moines (DSM). Fellows are exposed to opportunities that accelerate their professional track and grant lasting connections. Participating companies sponsor Fellows in a two-year program.

Fellows will:

  • Complete a customized advanced professional development curriculum.
  • Receive mentoring from executives in their company and across the region.
  • Have access to community engagement opportunities.
  • Work on a capstone project.
  • Form lasting bonds with Fellows in other companies.

The DSM Fellowship Program centers on a four-pronged approach emphasizing areas of Career Development, Community Engagement, Curriculum and Social Connection.

Career Development: Comprehensive Work Experience

Fellows receive higher exposure earlier in their careers and gain access to leadership opportunities through exclusive executive mentoring.

Community Engagement: Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

As leaders both inside and outside the workplace, Fellows engage with the community through service activities, nonprofit projects and interactions with civic, philanthropic and business leaders. Fellows also meet with state and federal officials to voice their vision of the region’s future.

Curriculum: Continued Professional Development

Fellows complete a customized advanced professional development curriculum and provide a milestone presentation on a uniquely designed capstone project.

Social Connections: Lasting Bonds Through Shared Experiences

Through a continued stream of networking, sponsored events and team retreats, Fellows develop lasting bonds and relationships.

The DSM Fellowship Program is an innovative approach to empower DSM leaders of tomorrow to get involved today.

Get Involved

For more information or if you're interested in getting involved with the DSM Fellowship Program, contact Katherine Atkinson, Director of Workforce.