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Higher Learning Technologies Finds Startup Success

Higher Learning Technologies (HLT) an educational mobile app, focuses on creating study solutions for lifelong learners.

Mobile Solutions Markets

HLT helps students master exams and gain certifications with study materials for six markets, including nursing, dental, medicine, business services, military and college prep. Not primarily focused on content development, HLT takes content and refines it and makes it available on the platform.

Focusing on business development and partnerships, Co-Founder Ben O’Connor says HLT succeeds because of its product execution and by working longer and harder than your competitors.

HLT Progress

To start, HLT focused on test prep. Working within the University of Iowa Research Campus, traction gained within nursing products had a hand in helping HLT find investors in the beginning. Sheer volume of nurses, 1.15 million make the field high priority, especially with continuing education added to this increasing opportunity.

Ben explains how investing in the platform as HLT grows allows them to scale the platform for new fields and create new products at a faster pace. From there, finding experienced people is key, though difficult. A lot of the most skilled people with high-paying jobs aren’t looking to drop everything and work for a startup, which is why startups have a lot of young people working for them, especially in the beginning.

Future Opportunities

Data on study habits is useful to students, schools and employers. Ben explains how they can make actionable decisions based on that data in the future.