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Starting up a business is a grueling process. Making connections, raising capital and navigating legal requirements are just a few of the many challenges startups face. From idea phase to securing large-scale growth, Square One DSM programs and mentorship are available to entrepreneurs at any stage in the startup process. Square One DSM is here to help — and at zero cost to startups and entrepreneurs.

Square One DSM Programs


1) Mentorship Program — Square One DSM’s Mentorship Program is designed for entrepreneurs at Square One DSM to support moving from idea phase to gaining traction. Mentorship by Square One DSM Executive Director Mike Colwell is tailored to each early-stage startup’s specific needs. Areas of focus could include guidance on networking, securing seed investment, finding a business partner or building a team. For more information on the Mentorship Program, contact Mike Colwell.

2)  Advisor Program — Once a startup has reached critical mass and is ready to take on large-scale growth, Square One DSM’s Advisor Program offers strategic guidance tailored to the needs of these late-stage startup companies. For more information on the Advisor Program, contact Mike Colwell