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About Square One DSM

Square One DSM is a Greater Des Moines Partnership initiative that provides mentoring, planning and capital strategies to startups and entrepreneurs in the region, no matter what stage their company is in. Square One DSM helps entrepreneurs connect the dots so that they can avoid the many pitfalls of starting up and launching their business. Through programming, networking and knowledge sharing, Square One DSM helps aspiring startups and established businesses find the resources to be successful.

Square One DSM provides mentoring opportunities along with a variety of networking opportunities, including Startup Stories, a monthly event series featuring current and past Square One clients discussing startup successes and failures. 

Mike Colwell: Growing Startups in Greater Des Moines (DSM)

Growing to $25 Million

As Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives of The Partnership, Mike Colwell leads Square One DSM and Plains Angels, a group of Greater Des Moines (DSM)-based Midwest angel investors. Mike spends his days coaching, mentoring, consulting and asking tough questions to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Focusing on high-growth-potential companies, he works with businesses ranging from a single person with an idea to $10 million companies looking to grow to $25 million. Mike assists with business strategy, business planning, business plan execution, business model development and capital acquisition strategies.


Square One DSM
321 Walnut St., Ste. 140
Des Moines, Iowa 50309


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