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Startups & Entrepreneurs

Greater Des Moines' (DSM) startup and entrepreneurial scene is thriving. To aid this growth, The Partnership has two initiatives aimed at helping both current and prospective entrepreneurs as well as current and prospective angel investors.

The first is Square One DSM. Square One DSM was formed in 2007 to provide advice and mentoring to startups and entrepreneurs. The initiative helps validate ideas, develop business models, connect with investor, raise capital and more.

In addition to mentoring and fund generation, Square One DSM provides an on-premise business accelerator program along with hosting a variety of networking opportunities, including Startup Stories, a monthly interview event series. Since assembling in 2007, Square One DSM has assisted clients with capital raises in excess of $24 million to date.

Square One DSM provides mentoring opportunities, an on-premise business accelerator program, along with a variety of networking opportunities, including Startup Stories, a monthly event series featuring current and past Square One clients discussing startup successes and failures.

The next is Plains Angels, a group of accredited angel investors dedicated to achieving outstanding financial returns investing in early-stage growth companies. Plains Angels provides a platform for members to view and exchange information about investment opportunities in high-potential, early-stage and emerging growth companies.

Discover additional resources for startups and entrepreneurs available throughout the community. Check out Startup Stories for