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The Small Business Success of Club B-FIT

Club B-FIT owner Jen Bramble discusses her journey as a female business owner. With more than 3,800 students, Club B-FIT offers alternative fitness classes including aerial, acro, ballet and more. Located in Greater Des Moines (DSM), her business offers her a connection to the DSM community.


After being accepted into DreamBuilder, Jen says she was able to get book recommendations. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is one of those books that helped her understand she needed to keep her prime time in the morning for herself. By giving herself her favorite time of day, she has access to her creativity and energy.

Offloading Aspects of the Business

With Club B-FIT, Jen has learned to delegate and train others, opening her eyes to more avenues within her business to grow revenue.

Growing the Business

Recently, Jen says she’s realized that when she’s creative, in that moment, that’s the best time for her messaging to go out. Small business owners, especially, need to be authentic. The cool thing about being a business owner is you get to make the rules.

Service Industry

If you’re providing a service, you want videos and photos. Words cannot explain what you’re doing as well as a photo or video. Photos and videos should be flawed and raw. People want to see exactly what they are going to get. Instagram is where it’s at for service.

Setting Goals

Jen talks about getting a handle on the financial side of things, as well as moving to a new location with higher ceilings conducive to aerial.

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