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The Making of an Entrepreneur

FunnelWise Founder Matt Ostanik says he enjoys the creative aspects of solving problems and the ability to translate a vision down to smaller details. This led him to begin multiple startups, including FunnelWise, which helps understand marketing and sales analytics.

Start of FunnelWise

Matt set a goal of getting feedback from 100 prospective customers prior to writing code or finishing the product code. After four months, his team secured that feedback and moved forward with bringing their product to market.

Biggest Benefit of FunnelWise

In the tech space, Matt explains there is pressure to get a better sales and marketing forecast for investors, as well as faster growth through analytics. It’s also better insight into what the company needs to do today to get to where you want to be tomorrow to allow for better forecasting in a timelier manner.


FunnelWise will integrate with Salesforce, a customer success platform out of the gate. Matt says he hopes to add integrations with marketing automation software like Hubspot and Adobe Marketo.


Sensitivity around data is an important aspect to consider when dealing with company analytics. Matt discusses that FunnelWise isn’t modifying data, but producing the source data and using it to help businesses evaluate their sales and marketing processes.


In the beginning, junior level staff were hired first since that made sense from a budgetary standpoint. Now, he tries to hire leadership and let them build their own teams. Within the software and engineering space, Matt explains how one of his goals is to find the right employees who want to be within the startup community.

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