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Business Assistance

Starting up a business is a grueling process. Making connections, raising capital and navigating legal requirements are just a few of the many challenges startups face. From the idea phase to securing growth, the Greater Des Moines Partnership has programs and mentorship available to small business owners at any stage in the process. The Partnership is here to help — at no cost to the business.

The Partnership Mentor Connection is designed for founders of small businesses and startups to connect with mentors throughout Greater Des Moines (DSM).

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Mentor Others

Many people in the DSM community can provide a great service by mentoring business owners and leaders. The Partnership will not give out mentor contact information directly. The system requires a mutual agreement between mentor and mentee before contact information is provided. Once the initial information is completed, a Partnership team member will contact you with further information and to answer any questions you have. Start the process to become a mentor.

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Connect with Mentors

Building relationships with a trusted group of mentors can provide you with a wealth of knowledge from people who want to see you succeed. The Partnership Mentor Connection provides mentees access to a large number of potential mentors. Please note that when you select a mentor or mentors to connect with, a Partnership team member will contact you to learn more about your needs. Once more information is gathered, The Partnership will work to connect you with the mentor(s) you request. Start the process to connect to mentors.

For more information, contact one of the members of The Partnership team.