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AgriSync Finds Solutions for Farming Industry

When technology breaks, how does a farmer get help from the field? AgriSync gives them one-touch access to expert advisors. Founder Casey Niemann explains the progression of AgriSync from a startup to a successful ag company. AgriSync is a startup business with roots in Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Development of the Software

In the beginning, Casey utilized several developers to create a beta, but had to find the type of people who could develop the software he needed. He explains that it’s important to find the right people who are passionate about what you’re building, but who are also good listeners and can understand the end goal.

Selling the Software

Casey shares how every startup needs someone who is passionate about sales and getting the product into the hands of early reference customers.

AgTech Startup

There is no better place to focus in on the ag vertical than Iowa. The audience of people who understand agriculture is vast: they’re either involved in it or one step removed from it. Other places in the world would like to be the hub for AgTech, but the crossroads of Iowa is an ideal place for AgTech to grow. Casey explains there’s a lot of opportunity to do more, and organizations like the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Iowa Corn and Farm Bureau and make up a good ecosystem and culture for the industry.

Hard-Cost Savings

Casey explains how AgriSync can reduce the number of on-farm visits by service providers and speed the time to resolution. With the average cost of an on-farm visit in excess of $500, the ROI to the service provider is significant. Resolving issues for farmers in as little as 15 minutes shows customers the value in near real time.

Consuming Feedback

Understanding customer feedback is tough. Casey says it’s important to listen through and play back their comments to ensure both parties are understood. Get customer to love you for who you are today, not who you might become later. Even good startups can get distracted by loud customers. When hearing the same feedback over and over, flag that and adapt to it. Make the changes that customers want to see. The reality of startups is you need to deliver to your customers.

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