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The Greater Des Moines Partnership offers the tools you need to help grow your small business or startup. From online resources on topics like how to start a business, finance, banking and capital, marketing, hiring and events for small business, The Hub is here to help. For more information, contact The Partnership’s small business and startup experts.

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Guide to Optimizing Your Online Presence Additional Resources, IT & Data, Marketing & Sales
Have you optimized your online presence? Learn to do so effectively with this quick how-to.
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Look for customizable marketing materials and adjust store hours accordingly to prepare.
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Startups Thrive with the Right Mentors Additional Resources, Events & Networking
Accelerate startup growth through networking and connecting with potential mentors.
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Look Local First in DSM Additional Resources, How to Start a Business
Learn how to support local startups and small businesses within the DSM USA community.
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